Helpful Solutions When Your A/C Is Tripping the Circuit Breaker

One all-too-common central air conditioning malfunction occurs when the A/C is tripping the circuit breaker, causing the system to shut down. Addressing this circumstance might be as simple as resetting the circuit breaker or replacing a fuse, if you’re lucky. However, if the problem recurs, you might need to troubleshoot the problem yourself. If that doesn’t work, call in a professional.

Wiring or Circuit Problems

If the A/C is tripping the circuit breaker, the problem may be with the wiring or circuit box rather than the air conditioning equipment. Problems might include electrical connections that come loose, a breaker that’s faulty, or some other electrical problem. You’ll want a licensed electrician to address these issues.

Air Conditioner Problems

When the A/C trips the circuit breaker, it’s often related to the air conditioner pulling more amps (power) than the circuit breaker can supply without tripping. Following are some possible causes.

  • It’s very hot outside and your cooling system is working overly hard to meet the thermostat setting. Avoid setting the temperature at an unreasonably low level when it’s very hot outside. A correctly sized A/C will have a hard time cooling a home to 65 when it’s 95 outside.
  • A clogged air filter will force the equipment to work unnaturally hard to push air across the evaporator coil and through your home’s ductwork. Inspect and change the filter regularly. Keep registers clean and unobstructed, too.
  • Similarly, if the condenser coil is dirty, the A/C must overwork itself to take the heat energy that has been pulled from your indoor air and release it into the outside air. While a handy homeowner can clean the condensing coil, you can guarantee effective cleaning and maintenance by calling an HVAC professional.
  • A number of other technical issues that might cause the circuit to trip include low refrigerant level and problems with such components as the capacitor, condenser fan or compressor. Resolving issues like these are better left to a skilled HVAC technician.

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