Differences Between Split System And Packaged Units

There are different kinds of HVAC systems available in the market. Whether it is the heating unit or the cooling unit, the main question that arises is the difference between one unit and the other. Here, let us try and find out the differences between packaged units and split systems. When you are buying a central air conditioner or a heat pump, it is either a packaged unit or a split system. However, it has been seen that majority of homeowners prefer having the split system.

Along with the differences between these two different units, let us also find out their advantages, disadvantages and also what needs to be kept in mind while choosing a particular unit for your home.

As far as the split-system central air conditioner is concerned it typically has three parts. They are:

• An outdoor metal cabinet that has the condenser and the compressor
• An indoor cabinet having the evaporator coil and
• An air handler unit which in most cases is part of the furnace or the heat pump and its function is to deliver cool air through the ducts of the house

On the contrary, the packaged unit on the other hand has the evaporator coil, the condenser, and the compressor housed in a single cabinet. This cabinet is generally placed on the rooftop or on a concrete slab beside the house. Generally, it is seen that such units are installed in commercial buildings. Packaged air conditioners contain electric heating coils or natural gas furnace. As a result of this, there is no need to install separate furnaces within the house.

HAVC experts are of the opinion that if your home has a furnace and not an air conditioning system, then it is recommended to install a split-system. However, this is something which only an HVAC expert can tell you correctly.

When the efficiency of the split-systems and packaged units are considered it is seen that split-systems are more efficient than the packaged units. Sometimes, split systems can have a rating as high as 25 SEER while highly efficient packaged units have a rating of around 13 SEER. At the same time, the labor costs of installing split systems is more because two different units are being installed, one inside and the other outside. Moreover, in a packaged system it is also difficult to charge it with refrigerant until the unit has been set in a place.

As far as the advantages of packaged units are concerned, these units are known to have space efficiency. This is because all the components of the unit are installed in a single cabinet. At the same time, the cost to install packaged units is lesser. However, the problem with these units is that they have limited energy efficiency.

It is a great idea to install packaged units when the indoor space is limited. In fact, packaged units are more suitable for mobile homes and homes which have crawl spaces.

However, before choosing an HVAC unit for your home, it is a good idea to get in touch with an expert HVAC contractor to get the maximum advantage from your installation.



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