Why You Need A Whole House Humidifier?

High moisture level in the house can cause many damages to structural frame work of the house, its belongings, especially wood and metal, and also to the health of the people who live inside. On the other hand when the moisture level goes low it can also have a set of negative consequence. The point is you have to maintain an optimum level of humidity in the house. Let’s take a look at consequence of low moisture level and how to get rid of it-

• Low humidity makes you prone to contract colds, flu and respiratory ailments. Viruses of cold and flu flourish in low-humid ambience.
• Low humidity has a cracking effect on your furniture. It will cause your wall paint, wooden furniture, and hardwood floors to crack
• It also means an increased energy cost; it will make you feel cold at a lower temperature as a result you will crank your thermostat high
• Beside this it will cause bloody noses, dry and itchy nose and eyes, sore throats
• Cracked and itchy skin
• Painful static shocks

The best way to increase moisture level in a too dry house is to buy a whole house humidifier. Here are the advantages that whole house humidifier will offer-

• The whole house humidifier attaches itself to your central heating and cooling system; it will supply humidity in form of water vapour which gets mixed with the air and is circulated in the whole house. Portable units humidify individual rooms. You will need to buy a quite a few of them to moisten the whole house.
• The devices like hygrometers monitor the relative humidity level and then supply an appropriate level of moisture in the air.
• A whole house humidifier will stop function when appropriate humidity level has been reached. The portable unit needs to be stopped manually.
• There are evaporative and steam humidifiers these days that prevents minerals from entering the air in your home and potentially into your lungs.
• Maintaining a whole house humidifier is a hassle free job. You can clean in once or twice a year. The water tanks of a portable unit will need to be cleaned and calibrated almost every month to prevent build-up of bacteria.
• A whole humidifier will make you feel warm at normal temperature in winter. As a result you will not need to seat you thermostat too high.





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