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Let’s take a look at some of the common HVAC scams -

• For every minor fault they will recommend you to make replacement of the whole unit or a vital and expensive part. Although they know the part is in perfectly good health, they will give you umpteen reasons as to why it is unrepairable.

• The price of a HVAC unit increases its size. Therefore an unscrupulous HVAC contractor would be keen to sell an oversized unit to pull more moolah out of your pocket. An oversized unit will cycle off and on very frequently. This will lead to rapid wear and tear. It will generate higher electric bills. It also makes the room damp and uncomfortable.

• Often you will find that a service provider calls you and says that he is calling on behalf of such and such company. The company they name is a renowned one. You immediately fall for him. But there have been many incidents where scamming technicians used the name of famous companies just as a means to set his foot inside your house and persuade you into hiring him for repair service

• All companies go for competitive pricing to survive in the market. If they set exorbitant prices then they would not get clients. In case your service provider is asking for an unusual price, which can be way lower or way higher, always check over the internet what is the reasonable price for the repair that needs to get done.

• Two tune-ups on a yearly basis are recommended by most HVAC contractors. This is deal. They generally come before winter which is called an autumnal tune-up and make the other visit in spring just before summer. Some contractors may offer 4 rounds of tune-ups every year and charge you more for that. Do not buy their lies as they will do nothing in these extra visits.

Therefore it is very important to hire an honest and reputed contractor. These factors are as important as expertise, experience and certification. If you are not sure how to reach safest hands, browse the names of service providers on our website. These names have been handpicked to ensure that you get hassle free service.

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