Common AC Issues in Older Homes

Older homes can experience a variety of different air conditioning problems, which usually result from having an older AC unit. In most cases, homeowners can resolve these issues by either having the unit fixed or installing a new one. Those living in older homes should watch for the following indicators.

No Power to Your Unit

If a unit has no power, check for a tripped breaker or faulty wiring. Many older homes require updates so that air conditioning units can run efficiently. A professional can easily reset the breaker and will know how to fix wiring problems.

Hissing Sound from an Older Unit

A hissing sound coming from an older unit can signal a refrigerant leak. Contact a professional immediately to fix the leak. Because refrigerant can be toxic, do not attempt to address this issue without a professional.

Warm Air Coming from an Older Unit

Warm air flowing from the vents could indicate a compressor problem. While compressors can be replaced, depending on the age of the unit, homeowners might find it more cost effective to install a new condenser or system. When older homes have older air conditioning units, it can be a smart idea to buy more energy efficient units. This can help homeowners to save money over time.

Excess Humidity

Older homes often lack necessary insulation and ventilation, which can contribute to indoor humidity levels. If homeowners make insulation and ventilation upgrades, but still notice above-average humidity, they might need a professional to take a closer look. Additionally, homeowners can check the condensate drain to make sure it isn’t clogged and is draining properly.

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