How to Protect Your Air Conditioning Unit From Theft

While you may not consider an air conditioner something you have to worry about, the reality is that air conditioner theft is a serious problem because of the valuable copper in the condenser. This means you should be actively protecting your A/C unit from theft so it isn’t easy to steal. To that end, the following are some suggestions we strongly recommend you apply this season.

Tips for Protecting Your A/C Unit From Theft

  • Start by placing the air conditioner out of the line of sight. Your unit shouldn’t be visible from the road. By making your unit invisible, you’ll dramatically reduce the possibility that someone will steal it.
  • Once you’ve determined the proper location, anchor a new A/C unit to a solid base. Reinforced concrete is ideal, as it’s difficult to remove. Not only will this help protect it from theft, it will also help protect it from water and soil conditions.
  • It’s also a good idea to build a cage around your unit. Cages made of steel bars can be purchased specifically for your air conditioner. These cages can be locked and unlocked when a technician needs access to conduct routine maintenance.
  • Another option is to install motion sensors and an A/C alarm. These will trip when anyone approaches the unit, alerting you to the fact an intruder is attempting to gain access. When you choose to do this, you’ll want to make sure the sensors aren’t so sensitive that birds, squirrels and family pets can trigger it.
  • Finally, install a fence round your yard. It should be high enough that it obscures the view of your yard, and sturdy enough that it can’t be easily broken down. You’ll also want to make sure to install a lock on any gates you may have.

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