5 Quick Ways to Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

If you want to eventually put your home on the market, you should pay particular attention to its maintenance and upkeep. A minor modification can make a significant difference in a potential buyer’s first impression. Here are a few changes that do not require a large investment but make a notable difference in the resale value of a home.

1. Redo Your Home’s Entrance

Go across the street and take a hard look at the front of your home. Your home’s entrance should present an attractive and inviting image to anyone who visits. You can replace an outdated door or paint your current door in a contemporary color that matches or contrasts with the color of the house. You can create an inviting entranceway by putting out a rocker or bench that invites visitors to take a moment to enjoy the atmosphere. Although inexpensive, a potted plant or hanging plant with flowers can boost a home’s curb appeal, too.

2. Redesign Your Landscaping

Take a walk around your yard and analyze the landscaping. Note where branches overhang the roof or impede the view from windows. Trim and prune areas of overgrowth, dead limbs and broken branches that could cause hazards. A few new shrubs of flower beds can add color and improve a home’s aesthetic.

3. Update Your Kitchen

Painting or changing the look of your cabinets can provide a quick, yet striking, update for your kitchen. Or, try refreshing the cabinets by replacing the doors entirely. Add a pull-out mechanism for storage, under-cabinet lighting and a butcher block island to quickly create a kitchen that homebuyers desire.

4. Give Bathrooms New Style

If you need to add value to your home, do not forget the bathrooms. Many homebuyers will avoid buying a home with older, outdated bathrooms, despite the fact that bathroom aesthetics are relatively easy and inexpensive to update. Head to the local hardware store and check out what bathroom upgrades you can DIY over a weekend or two.  Replacing mirrors, vanities and updating lighting fixtures do not require a lot of technical expertise and might only take an afternoon to complete. However, these easy adjustments will have a big impact on buyer perception.

5. Review Your Lighting

The lighting in your home can have a dramatic effect on ambiance and overall buyer perception. You can easily update light fixtures, remove heavy draperies and let in as much light as possible to create a bright, refreshing space that attracts potential buyers.

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