3 Air Conditioning Options for Cooling Your New Home Addition

Making the decision to add on to your existing home opens up a whole world of new possibilities. If you hope to continue living at the same level of comfort and energy efficiency that you’re used to, though, you’ll need to take steps to plan for adequate climate control in the new space. To help you make the best decision, here’s a breakdown of three options you have for cooling your new home addition.

Extend Your Existing System

If your existing cooling system is fewer than 10 years old, you might not be too keen on the idea of purchasing new equipment. As long as your A/C or heat pump has the capacity to continue cooling the original living spaces along with the new addition, you may be able to stick with what you’ve got; your ductwork will simply need to be extended into the add-on. It’s important to have your ducts evaluated during this process and ensure to they’re sealed and insulated for maximum efficiency. You might also benefit from zoning the new addition with it’s own thermostat to prevent wasting energy when the space isn’t being occupied.

Upgrade the Entire System

Not all air conditioners are up to the task of cooling your new home addition. Older units or equipment that isn’t sized to accommodate the extra space will need to be replaced. The good news is that new cooling systems are much more energy efficient and are better at controlling both temperature and humidity.

Install an Independent System

Where is your new addition located in respect to the main trunk of your duct system? If it’s quite a distance away, you may benefit most from the installation of an independent cooling system for the new addition. Your HVAC contractor can help you determine whether you a traditional forced-air  or ductless mini split would be best for your needs.

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